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Immersive Art Installation + Retail Pavilion
INDE 302 - Exhibition and Merchandising Studio
Students were tasked with designing a 3,000 – 5,000 square foot retail pavilion on the north end of Parcel 5 in Rochester, NY. The project objectives were to take customers on a journey, tell a story, promote brand, and sell product. Working in teams of 3, students had the freedom to select a brand, but had to modify brand story to make a connection to Rochester. Students participated in a workshop through the Center for Engaged Storycraft at RIT, to develop the creative writing piece used to narrate their animations. The creative writing piece was intended to convey the customer experience and brand story, as it related to the architecture and retail environment.

Parcel 5 Retail Pavilion
INDE 302 - Exhibition and Merchandising Studio
Mak Friery, Jenna Rosser, Sylvia Purcell

Parcel 5 Retail Pavilion
INDE 302 - Exhibition and Merchandising Studio
Quentin Stoneburner, Jessica Vail, Huan Dang

Senior Capstone

INDE 301 Office Design

Jessica Vail

The Future Workplace

INDE 301 Office Design

Students were tasked with renovating a building at 17 East Main Street in downtown Rochester into a speculative hybrid office. The building is approximately 23,000 square feet divided over seven stories. Matt Drouin and David Martin purchased the building in early 2020, at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic in the United States. Over the past year and a half, the commercial office rental market has changed drastically in Rochester, and throughout the world. After a year or more of remote work, many companies are questioning whether physical office space is necessary. Other companies who are bringing employees back to the office, are implementing hybrid work policies, allowing team members to split their time between being in the office and working remotely. 

Project Solution: Quentin Stoneburner

Great Lakes Gaming at Innovation Square Design Presentation and Contract Documents

INDE 302 Exhibition & Merchandising Design

INDE 407 Contract Documents

In INDE 302 students were tasked with designing a video gaming lounge for Great Lakes Gaming, a concept developed by RIT students and funded by RIT alumni, focused on creating community and contributing to the revitalization of our downtown center.

In INDE 407 students were rquired to develop contract documents for their GLG design solutions.

Project Solution: Ashley Diltz

The Dove Block Project

INDE 402 Special Projects

Seniors in the Special Projects studio worked with several clients to propose designs for the historic Dove Block building in downtown Geneva, NY. Throughout the semester, students presented in-process and final renderings to the project’s clients – the Dove Block Restoration Group, Dove Block Tribute Group, and Philadelphia-based Corbett, Inc., the new owner of the 19th-century structure. Informed by conversations and site visits with the clients, the interior designers each provided a concept for third-floor Corbett experience center and first-floor community gallery space honoring famed artist Arthur Dove.

Project Solution: Stefani Schult

The Office at the Metropolitan Building

INDE 301 Office Planning

Students were tasked with creating a 18,000 square foot satellite corporate headquarters for a retail company of their choosing. The office space was be located on floors 9 and 10 of the Metropolitan Tower in downtown Rochester. The Metropolitan Tower, formally the Chase Tower, is located at One South Clinton Avenue between Broad Street and Main Street. The building is 26 stories tall which includes 10 floors build-to-suit commercial space and 13 floors of residential space, including both apartments and condominiums. There are also several amenity spaces to serve both the commercial and residential tenants.

Project Solution: Chris Beckley

Broad Street Aqueduct

INDE 302 Exhibition & Merchandising Studio

Students were tasked with creating a series of interior public spaces within the historic Broad Street Aqueduct.  

Before the Erie Canal was diverted to its current course through Genesee Valley Park, it flowed through the city using the Broad Street aqueduct to cross the Genesee River. In 1918, the canal was re-routed, and the city began to use the vacated basin for public rail transportation, with passenger service ending in 1956, and freight traffic ending in 1970. Today, Broad Street, which forms a deck on top of the historic aqueduct, creates a vehicle route atop the abandoned underground.

Ever since the end of the public rail system, there has been a debate over what to do with the decaying aqueduct infrastructure. 

Project Solution: Chris Beckley

City Art Space

INDE 302 Retail Studio

During the 2018 academic year, RIT's College of Art and Design was searching for a prominent location in downtown Rochester to serve as the new home for Gallery r (now City Art Space), the university’s urban art and event space. Interior design students from INDE 302, Retail Design, assisted with the space evaluation, concept design and fund raising for a location in the historic Sibley Building. Originally built in 1906 as the home for Sibley’s department store, the building has an iconic presence in Rochester.  The building, currently under redevelopment, will be comprised of a mix of residential, commercial, and retail space, and is an essential component in the revitalization of downtown Rochester.  

A Lighting Experience

INDE 207 Color & Lighting Theory

Taking inspiration from nature, students were required to explore the experiential qualities and scientific properties of light through the creation of an ephemeral lighting installation. 

Color changing eel glass installation by Megan Brown & Rebecca Goldberg.
Cloud installation by Emma Canny and Jonathan Sutton.

Universe installation by Raquel Rojas and Thomas Richter.

Water installation by Hongmei Shi and Asayil Tashah.

Broad Street Aqueduct Project

INDE 302 - Exhibition and Merchandising Studio

ROCQUEDUCT project animation by Chris Beckley

A Lighting Experience

INDE 207 - Color & Lighting Theory

Cloud Installation by Emma Canny & Jonathan Sutton

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