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The spaces we inhabit have the power to define the way we work, play, learn, live, heal and connect with each other. INCLUSION AND CONNECTION MATTERS IN ALL SPACES.  I design research based, human-centric spaces that create identity, engage, protect people and the environment, and contribute to a resilient community.

The Power of Design

Participatory, research based interior and architectural design has the power to...


Address social, economic, and cultural issues of our time to create just and resilient spaces.

Build community by connecting people and experiences that promote inclusivity, diversity, and social participation.

Protect people and the environment by creating spaces that can adapt, respond, and innovate.

Prevent injury, stop the spread of disease, and optimize physical and psychological health and well-being of occupants.

Improve focus and productivity, reduce stress and anxiety, and allow for individual choice.

Engage all the senses to foster culture, represent brand, and celebrate people and place.

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